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Voice & Data links, VPN Services, Internet Offering

Coverage Communication puts its expertise at your service with our service provider plan including voice, data and VPN services.

pretitreWe support companies both in their decision-making process and implementation of voice and data links, VPN services and Internet access according to the following stages:

  • Detailed eligibility study
  • Portability
  • Supply of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses
  • Supply of a VPN service
  • Supply of geographic or non-geographic DDI numbers
  • Supply of free and premium-rate numbers
  • Design according to your use
  • Selection of links from among different providers and technologies (e.g. multi-pair aggregation, multi-provider aggregation)
  • Installation deadlines met
  • Remote supervision of links and guaranteed repair time
  • Detailed single invoicing tracked in My Account

Want the support of a proactive partner who understands the challenges you face? We’ve got solutions for you.

Coverage Collaborative supports you with 3 plans:

Supply of data links

  • tick Does your company have several locations in France and/or internationally? Coverage Communication allows you to link all of these sites using a VPN service carried on completely secure layer 2 links.
  • tick Your VPN service’s links can be carried using copper wire (SDSL, EFM) or fibre-optic cable, depending on their suitability for the site in question.
  • tick Coverage Communication also offers guaranteed secure internet access.

Supply of voice access

  • tick Our voice plans (TDM, SIP trunk) allow your old or new-generation PBX to be connected to our VPN service, thus benefiting from our very competitive pricing without modifying your infrastructure.
  • tick • Our infrastructure is monitored in real-time from our network operations centre. The connections of our VPN services are monitored by engineers to provide unfailing responsiveness to all our clients.
  • tick For maximum security, your telephone use is analysed in real-time to avoid your phone lines being hacked.
  • tick If you have a customer relationship management infrastructure that allows you to implement outbound call campaigns with predictive dialling, our infrastructure enables you to handle a very high number of simultaneous calls at extremely attractive prices.
  • tick After a study of your phone use, we’ll offer you a personalized plan allowing unlimited handling of your national and international calls.


  • tick If your PABX is reaching the end of its life, we recommend that you outsource this function, and save yourself worrying about its development or maintenance. Choose from our large range of terminals while keeping your old numbers. With our VPN services, your site will be linked to the data centre hosting your infrastructure.
  • tick We also offer infrastructure hosting (server, PBX, security elements) in our data centres (Tier 3+). You can access these from all your sites via secure VPN services.

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More than 58 million minutes used a year
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Coverage Communication: a partner committed to your success

  1. 1. A hotline staffed by IT engineers is available 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.
  2. 2. An extranet gives you access to invoices and support tickets in a dedicated, secure space
  1. 3. QoS management by application for all our VPN services. This infrastructure allows speeds ranging from megabytes up to several gigabytes for all of your sites located throughout France.
  2. 4. By analysing your needs and usage, we dan draw up a personalized plan that will reduce your data and telecoms budget by 30%* (average savings by current clients)
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