Service Provider Infrastructure


CCA International is one of the principal European providers of multichannel customer experience outsourcing services. In this capacity, CCA International is equipped with the latest available infrastructure.

CCA International requires a high level of service provider access (traditional and SIP)


CCA International wanted to assign its outbound call traffic to several providers. This outgoing call traffic is generated by several auto diallers. CCA wanted to be provided with SIP channels in order to benefit from the cost-effectiveness of these, but was also looking for a provider able to handle a large number of CPS (Calls per Second). As CCA International runs its outbound call campaigns on behalf of its clients, voice quality was a key factor in choosing a provider. Because CCA’s call traffic fluctuates significantly, providers were obliged to offer tailored pricing solutions.

Solution delivered

Coverage Communication provided CCA International with an SIP trunk capable of handling up to 25 CPS. To guarantee professional voice quality, Coverage Communication compresses audio on its links using the G.711 codec. This ensures audio quality identical to that previously available with ISDN.

Coverage Communication developed a business contract in conjunction with CCA International that was adapted to its operational needs.

Client Benefits

Contractual flexibility and a pricing structure designed to meet client requirements

Voice quality identical to that of ISDN

A high CPS capacity that is scalable.

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