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Our expertise is structured around different services

For 10 years Coverage Communication has supplied its clients with value-added solutions that allow them to optimize their operating capacity.

Audit & Consulting

  • tick Coverage Communication’s Audit and Consulting service is one of the cornerstones of our offering, and is intended primarily for infrastructure administrators, information systems directors and company executives.
  • tick With the assistance of our consultants, you’ll be able to better define and express your needs concerning the implementation or evolution of your information system, while taking unto account existing operational and technical factors in your company and industry constraints.

Innovation steering

  • tick Change management aims to facilitate the acceptance of changes bought about by the implementation of a new project, and to reduce factors leading to its rejection. Because the term “change management” can sometimes have negative connotations, it can be replaced by the more favourable, “innovation steering”.
  • tick Change management consists of anticipating risks, defining and putting in place processes that enable a solution to be implemented in ideal conditions.

Project management

  • tick Our experience of project management (in terms of both expertise and the tools and processes used) allows associated technical risks to be controlled. Meeting budget guidelines and deadlines is made possible by the management of priorities carried out by project monitoring and steering committees.
  • tick Upon completion of the project, our project team will transfer the appropriate level of knowledge to your internal technical staff, communicating the “best practices” that we used to ensure the successful implementation of your solution.

Model / Proof of Concept (PoC)

This is a tangible validation step in implementing a communications system redesign. Before being widely deployed, a solution needs to be validated and a “proof of concept” performed. During the deployment of a new system for example, a functional version will be released for use by a small number of users as an initial stage in order to test and validate the system’s operation.

V&V / Acceptance testing

  • tick These steps are essential for the successful completion of a project. They ensure that the newly-deployed system fulfils its intended purpose.

Documentation & Deliverables

A deliverable is a document that results from the completion of a part or all of the project. Some examples of the deliverables that our teams hand over during projects include:

  • tick Detailed planning and prerequisites
  • tick The Project Quality Plan (PQP)
  • tick The Technical Architecture Document (TAD)
  • tick Functional Specifications Document (FSD)
  • tick Detailed migration methodology
  • tick Test suite and plan
  • tick Personalized documentation for terminal use
  • tick Operating documentation
  • tick Troubleshooting documentation and contingency plan
  • tick Required environment infrastructure
  • tick General technical specifications
  • tick Detailed functional specifications

Financial Optimization

  • tick Our solutions and implementation methods allow you to quickly measure return on investment, as well as the low cost of ownership/use compared to the gains realized.


  • tick We are a registered training organization, recognized for our trustworthiness and the quality of our training. All our training courses are personalized to meet your needs, and follow a pre-established training plan with course materials provided. They are designed for end users, operators and administrators.

Maintenance & Operation

  • tick To allow you to stay focused on what you do best, we offer a complete range of IT outsourcing services, along with maintaining your systems in operational condition 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

& Application architecture

  • tick Our architects will support you in the development and optimization of your physical and application infrastructure. All or part of these tasks can be delegated to our teams if so desired.

Deployment / Implementation

  • tick Our teams are responsible for the complete deployment and implementation of our solutions.

Supervision & Monitoring

  • tick • Our support centre supervises and monitors your systems in real-time to proactively ensure the unfailing availability of your infrastructure.

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btfaciliteFrom expression of needs through design, implementation and support, Coverage Communication is with you every step of the way in redesigning your communication system.

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