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Our collaborative working offering is made up of several technological components

For 10 years, Coverage Communication has supplied its clients with solutions that allow them to optimize their operating capacity by using technologically-innovative products.


The collaborative working solutions that we provide exist at the intersection of different technologies. They include real-time voice and video communications, voice messaging linked to email, instant messaging, presence information, video conferencing, document sharing and management, social networks, interactive whiteboards.

These effective solutions are designed for both the synchronous (video and audio conferencing, web conferencing, chat) and asynchronous (sharing and editing of documents) work stages specific to the framework in which collaborative working is implemented.

Coverage Communication offers comprehensive, easy to use collaborative working solutions to help avoid software and technology proliferation.

Collaborative working within companies is typically built around communication tools:


  • tick Unified communication systems are a key component for collaborative working. They allow your calendar and contacts to be easily managed (including seeing their presence status, e.g. online, on the phone, in a meeting), or chat, voice and video communication to be initiated with one click and documents to be securely shared.

Video collaboration

  • tick Another component of collaborative working is video collaboration. This lets you join a virtual meeting room and collaborate face-to-face with employees, partners and clients around the world.
  • tick Easily connect using any video conferencing or telepresence system. Join a video conference using PC, Mac or the latest mobile device and interact as easily and effectively as if you were in the same room.

Interactive touch screens

  • tick Use the latest in communications technology with interactive touch screens. Collaborative working within companies is typically built around communication tools:
    • tickVoice (1ère dimension), 
    • tickwhich evolved with the addition of video (2ème dimension),
    • tickand again with simultaneous information sharing (3ème dimension).  
  • tick Using our intuitive, interactive and touch technology, clients can implement the latest development in collaborative working: interactive touch screens.

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Average time for return on investment
of users happy with changes produced by these new works tools
find their former work methods outdated
of business trips replaced with virtual meetings
Users adopt our solutions after the 1st time they use them

Coverage Communication: a proactive partner to improve your teams’ daily operation

btefficacite Effective : NOur collaborative working solutions help users work quicker and more effectively on projects entrusted to them

btfaciliteEasy to use : The effective use of our tools requires no special technical knowledge

btflexFlexible : Our implemented solutions can be adapted for any sector where collaboration is necessary

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